UniQube Heat Pump

Heat Pump with integrated UniQube

Heat pump with integrated UniQube enables savings of up to 70% per year and can operate at external air temperatures of -10°C. An additional space can be cooled or ventilated with this model.

  • High C.O.P. of 4.1  – (coefficient of performance) is a rating which tells us how much heat is produced compared to the amount of electricity used
  • Manufactured according to highest EU standards  – manufactured in Europe according to highest standards
  • Simple installation and control – heat pumps for sanitary water are simple to install into your area and they’re even simpler to control. You’ll have virtually no work with them
  • Heat Transmitter – coiled in the inside of buffer water container, it has a lifespan that is practically unlimited, since it is not in direct contact with sanitary water
  • Energy Class A++ – heat pumps for sanitary water with the A++ Energy Class are placed among the best energy efficient machines on the European market
  • Touch-screen Intelligent Control – the UniQube Heat Pump is controlled with a friendly and logical user interface on a comfortably big touch-screen. Options for connection to different heating systems (heating oil, wood, pellets or solar system). Options for connection to photovoltaic
  • Utilizing Inlet/Outlet Air – heating the sanitary water, ventilation of another room with its inlet air, and cooling another room with its outlet air – like the cellar with storage for winter, for example
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